Welcome to Mortuary Support Services

Mortuary Support Services Pty Ltd is a unique, multi-faceted facility which has the primary role of providing services to the wider Funeral Industry. Our company is centralised in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, with all major Motorways right at our doorstep. We are a highly professional and motivated team that endeavours to satisfy a diverse range of needs required within the Funeral Industry. Our core mission is to provide support in every aspect of the Funeral Industry from Mortuary transfers and Embalming services to Repatriation and Funeral assistance.

Our Funeral and Mortuary supplies line is constantly expanding, offering products from many different suppliers all over the world which ultimately results in a greater range of choice and price for the customer. If what you are looking for isn’t in our standard range of products, we will endevour to find and provide it to you!

Here at Mortuary Support Services Pty Ltd, we take pride in what we produce to you, the Funeral Director, and have built a reputation for quality and attentiveness. We hope to give you the opportunity to become a part of our growing clientele.